FinTech Australia was founded in March 2016 and is the peak body for fintech organisations in Australia. The board of FinTech Australia focuses on four major streams of activity on behalf of its members – advocacy, support, promotion and connection.

As part of this charter and in recognition of the growing and dynamic nature of the fintech industry, FinTech Australia identified the need to profile the organisations currently operating in Australia to provide definition for the sector.

In line with EY’s deep experience in fintech, coupled with the knowledge/experience of EY Sweeney, EY was commissioned to conduct a census of fintechs in Australia. A broad research program was set in place in collaboration with a FinTech Australia steering committee. The research was conducted in August and September, 2017.

This report presents the key findings and it will act as a powerful platform for FinTech Australia when engaging with members, stakeholders, commercial partners, regulators and government departments.

You can download a copy of the report below and you can interact with the data through the tabs above.

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Overlaid on the core research program, a series of 16 qualitative 'vox pop' interviews were conducted with fintech leaders at Sydney and Melbourne fintech hubs.

The following four question areas were covered…

  • What are fintechs doing that make them successful?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing your business?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing fintechs?
  • What can the government do to help fintechs?

To watch some summary videos across these areas, click below.

Voice of the fintech

EY FinTech Australia Census 2017 is the most detailed and broad analysis of the Australian fintech ecosystem.

  • Online survey of the fintech community

  • Qualitative in-depth interviews with leaders in the fintech community

  • Intercept interviews with fintech leaders at Sydney and Melbourne fintech hubs

  • Broad analysis of existing publicly available information