Welcome to the second EY FinTech Australia Census 2017. FinTech Australia has continued its successful collaboration with EY and EY Sweeney to deliver this important piece of research. This Census remains the most detailed and broad analysis of the Australian fintech ecosystem and at initial release in 2016, was the first census of its type globally.

This research initiative forms a critical part of FinTech Australia’s efforts to foster a thriving fintech ecosystem. Australia’s fintech industry is continuing to grow and is increasingly becoming the first choice for businesses and consumers when they are selecting a financial service.

The Census gives us hard data and credible insights to back our advocacy work to drive the industry’s ongoing expansion. This year’s Census delivers new insights into key industry issues, including how we increase female participation, encourage international expansion and remove barriers to growth.

This research best defines the overall shape of Australia’s fintech industry and how we differ to overseas markets. It gives us fine-grain detail about the established and emerging sub-sectors within fintech and helps track the industry’s increasing maturity in terms of company size and revenue.

We hope you enjoy navigating this portal and learning about the dynamic fintech industry we have here in Australia.

Danielle Szetho, FinTech Australia CEO

Simon Cant, FinTech Australia Chair

Stuart Stoyan, FinTech Australia Deputy Chair and FinTech Census Founder

Mark Skelsey, FinTech Australia Director of PR and Communications

The fintech sector is evolving rapidly in Australia and around the world. EY is committed to working with fintechs, investors, regulators, governments, education institutions and accelerators/hubs to help the industry realise its potential. An important part of our commitment has been to deliver comprehensive, focussed and prescient thought leadership to help define the industry, identify the challenges and cast light on the way forward.

For the second year, the EY FinTech Australia Census provides an exciting contribution to this commitment and recognises the strong global connection within EY supporting the fintech industry. It is essential research conducted with the Australian fintech community by EY Sweeney. It delivers a powerful fact base, combined with broader insight to inform and inspire those involved with the sector.

We are proud to be collaborating with FinTech Australia on this significant initiative and pleased to be able to share the findings.

Rowan Macdonald, Partner Financial Services, EY

Meredith Angwin, Partner Financial Services, EY