Drawing on EY’s deep experience in fintech, coupled with the knowledge / experience of the EY Sweeney research practice, EY has been commissioned to conduct the Census of fintechs in Australia. This research presents the key findings, offering a powerful platform for FinTech Australia when engaging with members, stakeholders, commercial partners, regulators and government departments.



Quantitative research:
  • 120 online surveys of 18 minutes
  • Conducted with people currently working in the fintech industry
  • 43% of participants were founders of fintech companies, 58% were CEOs and 21% were heads of functional areas
  • A mix of members and non- members of FinTech Australia
  • Contact lists provided by FinTech Australia
Qualitative research:
  • 8 Interviews with fintech leaders and stakeholders at Melbourne and Sydney hubs
  • 6 interviews on collaboration case studies with leaders of innovation/digital functions within major Australian financial service organisations
Other EY fintech reports

Alongside the qualitative and quantitative research, the EY Global Fintech Adoption Index has been referenced. A copy of the full report can be found here.

Interpreting the microsite

Terminology... In this microsite, there are certain terms that will be used.

  • Incumbents - These are banks and other financial institutions.
  • RegTech - Technology that is applied to resolve issues that relate to financial industry regulation.

Sample size... Care should also be taken in interpreting the data across sub-segments and years where there are low sample sizes.

Symbols... To help with interpretation of figures and charts, the following have been included.

Indicates that a result is significantly higher (at the 95% confidence level) compared with the year prior
Indicates that a result is significantly lower (at the 95% confidence level) compared with the year prior

The research program was designed and run by EY's dedicated market research practice, EY Sweeney